A record-breaking bat discovery in Romania

Photo By Szilárd Bücs

Szilárd Bücs, who leads a team supported by the Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP), sheds light on the spectacular findings of a cave survey in Romania.

The survey leading to the find was conducted as part of the CLP-funded project “Protecting the horseshoe bats of Romania”, which received a Future Conservationist Award in 2014.

CLP is a partnership between Fauna & Flora International (FFI), BirdLife International and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Besides the CLP project team, the group making the discovery included rangers from the Mehedinți Plateau Geopark protected area, and two fellow bat researchers from the Emil Racoviță Speleological Institute.

Proof indeed that collaboration yields the best results.

Read Online: http://www.fauna-flora.org/a-record-breaking-bat-discovery-in-romania/